Everyday leadership is all around us

✈️ I was on a flight into Krabi, Thailand.

We were one minute away from hitting the tarmac, when suddenly, we aborted landing.  With engines on full-power, our plane ascended quickly, into the clouds.

You could hear passengers gasp.  There was dull silence. A strange tension.

We were looking to each other for an explanation.

There was a guy behind me, opposite side of the aisle. He was American, in his mid-20’s and travelling with a small group of friends. One of his friends was quite upset about the situation.

This guy started telling stories about similar flight experiences ("This one time when landing in Boston...").  He told jokes - good jokes.  He not only made his friend smile and relax, but all of us nearby, too.

He sliced through that tension.

Often, the word ‘leadership’ is associated with inspirational acts, like a charismatic speech by a coach when you’re down by 10 points with 2 minutes to go, or William Wallace yelling out "FREEDOM" at the end of a movie.

Scenes like this can make the word ‘leadership’ unattainable.

Everyday leadership is all around us though. 

How about starting this week and trying to spot some examples of everyday leadership around you?

They can come at any time...even when you’re on a vacay in Thailand.

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