Hi there! I’m Leanne, and I help you create workshops that absolutely kill.


About Leanne

I’m a speaker, facilitator and coach helping people to deliver amazing workshop experiences in their own contexts.

I can help you find new angles on your material, develop your confidence and write workshops you can’t wait to present. I love to shake up expectations and create unpredictable experiences. Let me help you be the speaker everybody talks about afterwards! 

I bring 12 years’ of experience across a variety of industries including mining, tourism, and vocational education and training. I’ve led presentation skills workshops, leadership and development programs, and on-boarding initiatives, most recently a frontline leadership course to a group of mining supervisors in Fort McMurray, Canada.

Available for live group workshops, one-to-one coaching or as a keynote speaker. Find my blog and podcast at firsttimefacilitator.com.

How do you want to play?

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> Get me for a live group workshop at your workplace or your next company retreat.

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> Listen to my podcast, where I interview great facilitators and ask them how they do it.

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Just wanted to send a huge thank you for your podcast. I started listening a few days ago and am burning through them! I am a new facilitator with some lack of confidence in my new role as a Coach and Facilitator at the head office of a large Canadian retailer. It’s an incredible opportunity and I’m loving the learning experience, but often find myself thinking ‘why should they listen to ME?!’. Your podcast is the answer these thoughts and now I feel like I’m not alone! I love your interview style, the guests you bring in and making me feel like it’s okay to not know all the answers, but to remember to just be curious. So thank you, thank you!
— Andrea, Vancouver BC, Canada