2019: The year you launch your podcast workshop

Many people like the idea of starting a podcast, but when they start to research and give it a go, they’re overwhelmed by all the information out there. They want a simple plan they can follow, a clear step-by-step action plan to start their podcast from scratch.

I knew this experience all too well, as I went through the rigour of researching to start my podcast back in February 2018. I would have LOVED to have attended this type of workshop. So, I decided to put together a one day podcasting workshop in Brisbane, to help people launch their show this year. The target market? Anyone who is curious about starting a podcast, and keen to make as much progress, with as little Googling as possible

Eight incredibly intelligent and fun people from a variety of industries, joined me on a Sunday at Bright HQ in Teneriffe, to learn about the podcasting process. On the Eventbrite page I used to advertise the event, I gave participants the following warning: Don’t attend this workshop if you just want to sit back and absorb information.

The podcast ideas they all brought along were great and I’m looking forward to listening to their shows on health, law, science, mining, expat living, sport and children's stories this year.

As part of the workshop, we covered topics including essential tech equipment, cool apps to automate workflow/project manage, associated costs, how to book guests, how to write show notes and a 'day in the life of a podcast episode'.

Testimonials from the participants

  • ‘I liked that the workshop gave me all the information I needed to start making serious progress in getting my podcast underway. I felt that the group size was perfect and we were all able to get to know each other quite quickly. It was a fun and productive way to spend a Sunday - thanks Leanne!’

  • ‘I enjoyed the size of the group and the format of the information. The most valuable aspect was the life cycle of an episode (and how much more there is to do than simply recording!).’

  • ‘I wanted to thank you for the workshop on Sunday.  I walked in that door not having a clue how to start a podcast and left feeling that I could actually do this - and by myself no less without paying someone to do all of the post-production heavy lifting (unless I wanted to of course!).  You have saved me uncountable hours doing all of the research on how to get started as well as the stress of knowing whether I was even doing the right thing as I fumbled my way through’

  • ‘I wanted to thank you again for the workshop last weekend. It was incredibly comprehensive and fun and I’m now feeling more confident approaching all the different aspects of podcasting. It’s also great to be part of a new community of enthusiastic first-time podcasters! Really looking forward to following everyone’s journey and eventually subscribing to a bunch of new podcasts as everyone launches!’

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