Learning on your feet

How do you learn when we’re all so time poor?

Like you, I used to think I didn't have the time to learn.

With busy workloads + commitments after-hours, it's difficult to pick up a book at the end of the day, or to sit down in front of another screen. I didn’t have the energy, nor was I interested.

🙌🏼 Luckily, I found another way. This method helps to keep me industry current and relevant.

The power of audio

As you can imagine (given I have the First Time Facilitator) podcast, it’s through the power of audio.

Here’s a hack I take every Sunday afternoon, to help me focus on key topics I want to learn the following week.

I encourage you to take two minutes out to lock in a week's worth of learning. I started this habit of queueing my playlist, when I was caught in traffic, a podcast episode had ended and I couldn’t grab my phone to select another relevant episode (as I was out driving). This habit helps to maximise all that time you have to listen to relevant content.

Watch my video to find out how I do it.

Let me know if this helps you by commenting below!

Til next post,

Leanne Hughes