I love offering workshops that can solve your problems. That are targeted to your audience, your business environment, your context.

In the past, I’ve delivered a variety of business ‘soft skill’ related programs. Here’s a sample of the workshops I can offer - but don’t hesitate to reach out if you want something more targeted and specialised!

These workshops can be contextualised to audiences ranging from graduates, to emerging leaders and middle managers, either office-based or field staff.

The conversation is the relationship (Lunch and learn)

This is the perfect keynote / doing workshop for an energising ‘lunch and learn’ time spot for your employees. In this one hour, sharp, practical and inspiring workshop we explore:

  • The mindset to drive your success at work (internal vs external locus of control)

  • Discuss things that we can either control, influence or be concerned about (but have no control over)

  • How we can build our level of influence in an organisation, particularly when we don’t have direct authority as a manager - and how we can we get work done (supported, endorsed, executed) through others

  • Identifying and exploring factors that underpin Influence success:

    • Know: Through the power of networks

    • Like: Delivering value to others

    • Trust: Consistently showing up and delivering on what you promise

New leader workshop: Mix and match your modules

You’re brilliant at what you do and that’s why you’ve been promoted to manage a team. However, you’ve realised it takes a different skill set to manage people, than it does to just be ‘good at your job’.

Or, maybe you’ve been in a leadership position for some time and you want to learn how to be a more effective people leader.

You can customise what leadership modules you’d like included to suit your time-frame.

Anticipate/expect that each module is a 2-4 hour chunk of time.

  • Understanding your leadership style

  • Leading others: Stages of team development

  • Setting goals and managing performance

  • Performance conversations

  • Delegation and assigning tasks

  • Coaching for performance: How to monitor performance, give and receive feedback

  • Finding the balance

Clifton StrengthsFinder for Teams

Research by the Gallup Organisation has found that people who have an opportunity to focus on their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs.

This workshop is based on the bestselling Strengths Finder 2.0 book and an online self-assessment. Each participant completes an assessment and receives a report with suggestions for work-related action planning on their top 5 talents.

Workshop activities and group discussions centre on leveraging talents and managing weaknesses in both an individual and team setting.

  • Target audience: Anyone in a team

  • Duration: Two - four hours (depending on group size)

Train the Trainer / First Time Facilitator boot camp

I’ve interviewed over 70 incredible facilitators around the world to find out how they create engaging training that sticks; teamed with and put these ideas into two headings, to

Workshop design

  • Profiling your audience

  • Writing effective workshop objectives to meet the intended learning outcome

  • Learning simple Instructional Design principles to help your content and activities hit the mark

  • Designing effective resources (such as flipcharts, handouts, PowerPoint)

Workshop delivery

  • Face-to-face: Creating a positive workshop environment using icebreakers and energisers Online: Engaging participants by delivering dynamic

  • Ramping up the workshop style and engagement, using open-ended questions, and x-factor activities

We had a team of clever engineers and specialists who were struggling to develop technical training courses, resorting to ‘death by PowerPoint’ formats when they did. The problem we wanted to solve was how to develop and deliver technical training which is intuitive, cut through, best practice & flexible, and adds value to the operating companies.

We didn’t have any hesitation to engage Leanne - even the usually difficult budget approval was relatively easy as the training proposal was a no-brainer

We had so many results from engaging Leanne as the facilitator for our Train the Technical Trainer workshop, and too many to list - here are some highlights in chronological order:
large number of employees signed up
unprecedented attendance levels (very few no-shows)
engaged trainees
effort made on ‘homework’ between workshops
increased energy and confidence noted during the second session
several trainees gushing about the experience, spreading the learning with their colleagues
many SMEs continue to be engaged and are making much improved progress using the tips and tricks they’d learned

The three specific features we enjoyed about Leanne’s work as a facilitator were:
The first session included participants in Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne, I’ve never seen such engagement from remotely located employees during a 4-5 hour session.
The course content was well structured, conveyed simply and compellingly and immediately useful
Leanne’s energy and ability to retain the focus, participation and excitement levels of all attendees
— James Hamilton Program Manager - Business Support & Applied Technical Training EIC Activities

Powerful Pre-Starts:

The pre-start is one of the most important safety presentations of the shift, but if often feels like groundhog day and as a result, the message doesn’t seem to stick; and your crew come up to you when it’s over to ask you questions which you’ve already covered.

As a leader running the pre-start, you’re up against a lot of hurdles. It’s not easy to keep people engaged and listening on your every word when you’re in a repetitive environment. You’re delivering the pre-start chat at the same time, every day. The workshop environment is the same, the people attending the pre-start are the same, everyone is standing in the place they stood yesterday.

So, how do you make your message stick?

In this half day workshop, your leaders will learn how to deliver a message powerfully in front of a group using a variety of techniques such as eye contact, voice control, breathing, and stance. You’ll learn how to engage your crew using questions, and learn how to hook them into your message within the first minute of 'taking the stage’.

  • Target audience: Leading hands, Step-ups and Supervisors

  • Duration: Half day workshop

Managing Work Priorities

There are a fixed number of hours in the day, In this workshop you will learn how to make better use of your time and set criteria for managing your priorities. You’ll also learn how to map your energy cycle (and use this to batch tasks and chunk your calendar) and how to be more efficient at what you do through delegation; and using automated workflows and systems.

  • Target audience: Anyone who wants to be more efficient and productive

    Duration: Half day workshop


You’ve had the idea of starting a podcast for a while now but every time you start to research and give it a go, you’re overwhelmed by all the information out there. You want a simple plan you can follow, a clear step-by-step action plan to start your podcast from scratch (and then joyfully download your episodes in your fav podcast player!).

In this one day workshop, Leanne Hughes from the First Time Facilitator podcast will walk you through the approach she took to start her podcast from concept to launch. After being a fan of the podcasting medium for years, Leanne launched her own show in February 2018. The lessons she gained from the experience are still very fresh in her mind and (being a learning and development person for her day job) she’s keen to share all of this information with you, so you walk out the door with the clarity and tool-kit needed to successfully launch your show.

Workshop structure

Warning: Don’t attend this workshop if you just want to sit back and absorb information.

This is very much a BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop), doing, hands-on workshop. Oh, and we'll also have a tremendous lot of fun while learning all about the podcasting medium.

This workshop has limited numbers (8) to ensure the best learning experience, and the opportunity to answer all of your questions on the day.

Why start a podcast?

The benefits of starting a podcast are priceless, even if you never crack the top 100. As a result of starting her podcast, Leanne has interviewed her author/speaker heroes, met like-minded passionate facilitation folk around the world, developed her interviewing and verbal communication skills, and opened her mind in hundreds of new directions. If you're a business owner, having a podcast is having another asset - to grow your credibility and authority in your market.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Corporate side hustlers

  • Business owners

  • Solopreneurs

  • People who work in marketing/communications roles for a company (internal podcasts)

  • Really...just anyone who is curious about starting a podcast, and keen to make as much progress, with as little Googling as possible

In this one day workshop, you will learn:

  • The blueprint for getting your podcast started in 2019

  • Equipment essentials - what is necessary and what is ‘nice to have’

  • Software and subscriptions (software for recording, apps for scheduling your guests, subscriptions to level audio, host your podcast)

  • How to create cover artwork and record your introduction track

  • Voice recording essentials

  • How to submit your podcast to podcast players like iTunes and Spotify

  • How to launch your podcast - what’s really important?

  • How to promote your episodes

  • How to write show notes and organise transcripts (if required)


You'll also get templates to help plan your show including:

  • Show Notes template

  • Podcast set-up checklist

  • Sample interview questions

  • Episode schedule template

  • Template I use to reach out to my guests