Retail First Conference


Don’t want to watch the video? Here’s the transcript:

Hi everyone, I know what you’re thinking - it’s the Retail First annual conference again, and Lee Anderson is organising it, so what on earth is going to happen this year?!

My name’s Leanne Hughes, and Lee has asked me to facilitate this year’s conference.

I can’t reveal too much about what we’re up to, but I can reveal a couple of key things.

The first thing is - there will be no martial arts activities this year.

The second thing is the theme of this year’s conference is ‘Unleashing your potential’. It’s really about focusing on how do you unleash all of that good stuff into your work and also your life, overall.

To kick this off, we’d like to you to a bit of pre-work.

In the email I’ve sent through are details to complete an assessment called StrengthsFinder. The tool was created by a company called Gallup, and over 20 million people, around the world have discovered their Strengths using this tool.

What I’d like you to do is follow the email in the instructions, take some time out to complete the assessment, I’d suggest 30 minutes, get away from your phone and distractions. You can complete it at your desk, or on a tablet or phone.

If you could have these completed by Wednesday 20 February, that would be amazing. That gives us time to compile results so we can run a debrief on this tool as part of the conference.

That’s it from me - I’m really excited about meeting you all at the conference next month!