I’ve been writing articles and publishing podcasts online for a few years. I’ve also been featured on other sites during that time. To help you out and avoid the overwhelm, I’ve put together a highlights reel of my content.

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Leanne’s most enjoyed articles

7 Attributes of Superhero Facilitators: how to rescue a workshop or meeting from a fate worse than death

This blog article was turned into a workshop that Adam Mustoe and I delivered at the Gallup CliftonStrengths conference in Omaha Nebraska, June 2019!

We’re still standing! Drawing leadership insights from Elton John’s concert in Cairns

You can draw leadership insights everyday. Even when you’re at an Elton John concert. In this article, I link Simon Sinek’s ‘Circle of Safety’ to Elton John’s rant against security guards.

Leanne’s most popular podcast episodes

12 Rules for Facilitation

This is a three-part series. In each episode, I share my personal ‘rule-book’ for facilitation. This was inspired by Dr Jordan Peterson’s book, 12 Rules for Life, and thought I could share my thoughts, on rules or a framework that has helped me, and can hopefully help you as First Time Facilitators.

One question you need to ask before you take the stage with Julian Treasure 

Julian’s speech ‘How to speak so people want to listen’ is my favourite TED speech. It’s also in the top-10 of most watched TED speeches of all time, with over 36 million views. I found his speech when I was running a presentation skills workshop for a local shire in Western Australia about 5 years ago, and ever since then, I’ve incorporated his speech into other workshops I’ve delivered on public speaking and being an effective communicator. I was lucky enough to chat to Julian on the podcast!

Leanne’s features on other podcasts


The Skills You Need to be an Outstanding Facilitator presentation boss podcast

I chat with fellow communication experts, Kate Norris and Thomas Krafft about creating interactive, exciting and fun group training sessions.

What you’ll learn:

• What sparked the interest in speaking and professional development in Leanne.

• The key difference in the environment of speaking compared to facilitation

• How facilitating alone or with another presenter can be different

• Why and when to prepare a surplus of content for workshops

• The difference between a fair facilitator and a great facilitator

• Framing a workshop before anyone even enters the room

• The balance between information and inspiration


Episode 22 Inspire my Business podcast with Murray Guest

In my conversation with Murray Guest, we discuss everything from making the leap from corporate to solopreneurship to driving influential and contagious experiences in workshops.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why knowing your strengths can be super helpful in job interviews

  • If you want to make an impact, start by impacting the people that are directly reporting to you

  • Start conversations and be a good human – the engagement and culture takes care of itself.

  • Why the key role of the facilitator is to create a space where everyone can get as much out of a workshop as possible

  • We talk tips and tricks for facilitating successful workshops, including how to make the most out of conferences as both speaker AND attendee, plus her journey from corporate to solopreneurship and why you need to integrate your ‘work’ hours in with the flow of your life.

  • And why ‘inspired energy’ can be best described as the opposite of a Harry Potter dementor!

Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 11.36.48 am.png

How to create an exciting workshop experience on the Innovabuzz podcast

In my conversation with Jurgen Strauss, we talk about the unpredictability of facilitation. You have to really listen to what is going on in the room and constantly think ahead.

What you’ll learn:

  • Being focused on workshop outcomes – keeping them close but not too close

  • Managing energy – keeping it high, but at the same time providing contrast

  • Why it’s important to think always about the learner (audience)

  • Ideation is linking things that are sort of random, together in a way that makes sense.

  • The more powerful side of facilitation is listening to the stories of the participants in the room and giving them the opportunity to share their stories.

  • Your role as facilitator is using what you are hearing from the audience and linking that back to the content and outcome you want to drive - the art of segueing is extremely important in facilitation.