About Leanne


Maximum fun.

Minimum buzzwords.



Whether you’ve been presenting for years or you've just been asked to run something for the first time, I can show you how to not bore people out of their seats.

I’ve always loved seeing great facilitators kill it in a room. I used to watch them and want to know two things: How did they get so confident? And where did they get their strategies? Now I run workshops that people are still talking about years later, and I can help you and your people to do it too.

I’ve been working in corporate environments—mainly in HR and marketing—since 2007. In other words, I’ve sat through a lot of corporate presentations, team building events and workshop days. There were the ones that made the day drag on and on: powerpoint slide after powerpoint slide. So many corporate buzzwords. Everybody thinking, when’s lunch? Then occasionally you’d get a surprise: a fantastic facilitator who energised the room and made you actually want to pump your fist in the air. Those were the ones you’d talk about afterwards!

I’m really into personal development (I studied Business and Psychology), so I started working on ways to be more like the presenters I loved. And when I did get a chance to work it as a facilitator, I was stoked to realise: I was confident. I was strategic. I’d even say I killed it in a room! People who saw my presentations started asking me for tips. Accountants and engineers would come to me with their material and ask, “Hey, how can I make this more interesting?” In case you can’t tell, I love this stuff. I love it when people show up for ‘just another boring training day’, and it’s not what they expect! I love turning their day around and surprising them with a really good time. I love seeing people actually learn a lot and have an amazing experience.

In the course of my career I’ve worked across industries including mining, tourism, and vocational education and training. I’ve presented all kinds of things including leadership and team development programs, on-boarding initiatives and—of course!—presentation skills workshops.

Now I’m a speaker, facilitator and coach helping you maximise your potential by creating killer workshop experiences in your own context. Want to know more? Let’s talk.

Work harder on yourself, than you do on your job.
— Jim Rohn